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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ghost Stories in the Gloaming

On October first, I got dressed up in my favorite gothic black costume, and joined my husband in a drive up the canyon to the first Halloween event of the season:  Ghost Stories in the Gloaming.  

This was an event planned by Alan Macfarlane, who loves ghost stories with a passion, so much, in fact, that he decided to form a facebook group and plan an annual event where people could come and just share ghost stories.  

It was held at a very nice outdoor pavilion which was decorated with electric candles, black ribbons and feathers, skeletons, and baby doll heads.  It was both elegant and creepy in my favorite kind of way.  Food was set out for snacking- bags of popcorn and candy, and beautifully decorated donuts on platters.  Other guests brought things to add to the pile.  There was water and hot chocolate served in black cups.  

As twilight or the “gloaming” descended, the stories began.  There was a lovely set up with light sources and sound systems.  Stories were read or told.  Two stories were original pieces, read aloud.  They were good choices. One storyteller told an Irish tale about Stingy Jack, the origin of the jack-o-lantern stories.   Some of my favorite classics were shared, The Cremation of Sam McGee, and H.P. Lovecraft’s The Outsider.  

I was the final performer, which was quite the honor.  I told the “Room in the Tower” by E.F. Benson.  It’s a vampire story with a lovely creepy moment at the end.  By this time it was really dark, and everybody had spent the last couple of hours absorbing ghost story after ghost story.  They were ready for a good shiver to send them home.  I think I succeeded.  

The hosts of the event were so kind. They prepared well, and threw a classy party.  This is exactly my favorite thing for Halloween.  To get together and tell scary stories.   It beats out the horror movies, the haunted houses, the parties with games and music, all of it.  Just a quiet time where we can all get together and tell stories that make us look over our shoulders as we walk to the car in the darkness.  Maybe check the back seat of the car very carefully to make sure that nothing is lurking behind us.  There’s nothing better.     

I’m looking forward to next year!  

For more information, join the Ghost Story Group on Facebook.

This is Brian telling the story of Stingy Jack- complete with Jack-o-lantern carved turnip!


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