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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Getting Ready

*blows the dust off of this blog*

It has been a long time since I've posted!  I've had many adventures since then, too many to catch up on in one small blog.

In truth, it's time to change the blog completely!  The whole website needs to be changed!  I'm waiting on some artwork to help me do it, and then there will be a remodel.  Some new paint, new pictures, maybe a couch or two....you won't recognize the place.

I have always been a storyteller.  I am so lucky to perform and share stories to so many people.  I am excited to embark on my newest adventure and write my own stories!  Next month, I will be publishing my first short story in a paranormal anthology with Xchyler publishing.  It is something I never thought I would do.  I'm surprised to be here.  It's a great feeling.

Because of that, I'm changing the blog.  I'm going to start posting about my book, about things that are coming up with Xchyler, because they are a small publishing house run by wonderful people who deserve to have people discover their books!  But most importantly, I'm going to start sharing the stories that I love the most.  I love ghost stories.  It's why my first actual attempt at writing was a ghost story.  Ghost stories are the stories I most love to tell.  They have a place and a purpose in our culture, and I am happy to do my part to keep them alive.

So look for changes, starting later today when I share the title and cover of my new book.  The rest of the cosmetic remodeling will follow.


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"To be a person
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- Isak Dinesen  

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