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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Great Cookie Experiment

My goodness, where has the time gone? Clearly I have been neglectful, so I am going to correct that, and tell you about a fun project I am starting up again. One of my hobbies is cooking. I love cooking, so I'm always collecting recipes and trying new things in the search for that great recipe. A few years ago I wanted to look for new cookie recipes. So I chose a recipe book I had and I made every recipe in the book. One recipe a week. I shared with friends and family and asked their opinion on the recipe, and I rated it based on everyone's opinions. This time, I have started the experiment up again, but I am going official.

My best friend works for Cornabys. Her family business makes absolutely the best tasting spreadable fruit you will ever find. It's low in sugar and calories, and it's made from raspberries grown right on their family's 21 acre raspberry farm. I get to help her out at the farmer's markets, tasting demos, and boutiques. One of her marketing jobs is to maintain the blog on the Cornabys website. When I was talking to her about starting The Great Cookie Experiment again, she said that I should write it up as a blog post, and she would make me a guest poster on the blog.

So that's what I did! The first post went up this week! If you would like to read about great cookies, not so great cookies, and dismal cookie failures, then go check it out! The Great Cookie Experiment


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