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Friday, August 24, 2007

The Wedding

Today is my anniversary (Happy Anniversary, honey!). After telling the stories of how we met, and the proposal, of course the wedding follows. The wedding was beautiful. It was exactly what I could have hoped for.

Except, for, well, of course, the things I hadn't planned on happening.

We got married in the Oakland temple for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We had a very early morning temple schedule that called for me to get up at 5 am. I didn't sleep well- something about getting married the next morning didn't exactly encourage sleep- and was fairly high strung. BUT, everything was beautiful, and the ceremony performed, and we were married. The photographer was supposed to be outside waiting for us to shoot some photos, then everyone would drive off to my parent's house for a wedding breakfast before going off to the reception and more pictures.

The photographer was very late, and by the time he came, we got some group photos, sent everyone off to breakfast while we stayed for the other portraits. We were so tired that by the time the pictures were taken, we fell asleep in the car on the way back to my parent's house. What we had forgotten to pack for the honeymoon, which we were leaving for right after the reception. We had assumed there would be plenty of time after the breakfast to get it all done. That had changed. So after a hasty hello to all of the guests, we rushed around getting things packed for the trip, threw the bags in the car and left for the reception.

More guests, more pictures, a ring ceremony, and a reception line kept us busy. The reception line lasted until we had a big gap in the guests arriving. We thought perhaps we could take a break and sit down, but we were up constantly as guests trickled in randomly through the rest of the reception. We cut the cake, threw the bouquet, changed into regular clothes, and had birdseed pelted at us as we headed to the airport.

The short flight to Disneyland was relaxing, and we had a chance to realize that we were exhausted- and STARVING. Neither of us had eaten more than a passing bite at the wedding breakfast, and the full plates at the reception had mostly been picked at as we were called on to greet more guests. No actual eating had occurred. Shaky with hunger, we grabbed some snack mix at the airport- paying exhorbitant prices on our meager budget. We inhaled it on the shuttle to the hotel, but it didn't really satisfy. The hotel restaurant was closed to everything but room service- for double the cost. We were so hungry, we decided to splurge and share one entree between us- a chicken salad scone sandwich. The scone meant that instead of good solid bread, we had some flaky thing that dissolved when the fork touched it. I don't know that I even remember tasting it.

I have made it a policy for every wedding that I am involved in to make sure that there is a bag of snacks put in the getaway car for the poor starving newlyweds.


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