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Monday, June 25, 2007

How I almost killed my cellphone

I was at the Utah Arts Festival Friday, where I performed at The Word Ecstatic in the Community Writing Center. It was my first time at the Arts Festival, and my daughter and I were having a lot of fun looking around at all the wonderful things there. When it was time for me to head over to the stage for my show, we stopped in the restroom to freshen up. It was 100 degrees outside that day, and that always does a number on my makeup and complexion, so I made sure to check my face up close in the mirror to make sure I wouldn't be grotesque up on stage. My vanity was very nearly my undoing.

As I leaned up close to the mirror, my purse slid down my arm toward the faucet of the sink. The sink was one of those automatic ones that start when you wave your hands in front of it. It also works when your purse slides down in front of it. When the water started, I quickly pulled it away, and felt the outside to see how wet it got. I didn't feel anything. Whew. We left the bathroom.

My daughter then quickly said as soon as we got out in the hallway, "Mom, you need to get the water out of your purse." I responded, "I checked, it's not wet." She said, "It went straight into the pocket!" My purse has all of those cool little pockets on the outside that store things, and one of them was for cellphones. The purse did not get wet out the OUTSIDE, the water went straight into the pocket containing the cellphone, and filled it completely. That darn pocket was pretty well stitched because the water wasn't even leaking out of the bottom. I had to tip my purse upside down and let the water pour out of the cellphone pocket. My cellphone had a wonderful soaking bath for a good minute or two. I opened it. It said, "Battery Charging". Interesting, because it wasn't plugged into the charger at all. I was certain I had killed it. For one of the stupidest reasons ever.

The story ends well, after getting the cellphone home and disconnecting the battery pack, and still having water dripping out of it. A good 12 hours and some drying time later has the phone working again. I think.


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