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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Yesterday we went to the Dinosaur Museum. With Year-Round Elementary Schools, schools start in July, so this was our last chance for some summer fun. Except that right now summer fun means enduring triple digit temperatures, and a smoky atmosphere with all of the wildfires burning through the state. Naturally, we fled to an air-conditioned museum.

The museum was fabulous. There were many hands-on activities for the kids, and of course lots of dinosaur bones to see. We spent a couple of hours going through the exhibits, explaining the different geologic periods and what fossils they have found in each period. We played in the sand and water erosion tables, built our own stuffed dinosaur, did artwork, and dug in the sand for dinosaur bones. After lunch at the museum cafe, and shopping at the gift shop, we went home.

Yesterday was also the day that the video game "Guitar Hero Rocks the 80's" was released. My gamer husband couldn't wait for this game to come out. While we were gone, he took his lunch hour to buy the game, and come home to play it until he had to go back to work. The game was out on the coffee table when we got home. It didn't take long before we were playing.

I was finishing up some chores in the kitchen, when my youngest daughter started to play. I grinned as soon as the Go-Go's "We Got The Beat" came on, quickly finished my chores, and went to strap on the second guitar. We started playing multi-player, and when it was my turn to choose the song, I selected Scandal's "The Warrior", one of my favorites from high school. My youngest had never heard the song, and was surprised when I started singing the chorus along with the game, "Shootin' at the Walls of Heartache, Bang Bang, I am the Warrior..."

"You KNOW this song, Mom?"

"Honey, this is my music, I've loved these songs since I was in high school." I replied.

"Yeah, back in the Cretaceous Period." She shot back.

Why do they even HAVE these museums? That's what I want to know. What possible purpose could there be in arming these kids with dangerous knowledge like the geologic periods? Note to self: No more museums.


At July 25, 2007 at 9:39 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always tell my kids about stuff that happened in my youth "back in the late Cretaceous." I'm pretty sure they know I'm joking.

At July 25, 2007 at 8:14 PM , Blogger Kelly said...

Can I come over and play???


oh and about that cretac..whatever its called period ;) these kids are getting smarter and smarter all the time and they use that knowledge against us. :P

At July 26, 2007 at 11:25 PM , Blogger Julie said...

80's Guitar Hero party at our house! All of us who grew up in the Cretaceous period will feel right at home!



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