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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Saturday Nights

I have a long-standing social engagement every Saturday night. That's what I end up telling people when other activities come up on a Saturday night. And it's very true, it's a social engagement that's been going on since I was in college. It's just not something that I can always explain to people who don't understand. What I do is get together every Saturday night with good friends and play games. It's not a story I have to tell, however, because another of my friends has already told it for me. Her article was recently published here: Escapist Article

If you didn't guess, I am the Cruise Social Director and the "Her Royal Highness Supreme Goddess of everything". There's a story to both titles. Her Royal Highness came about because my friend asked me what name she should use for the article. I figured just my first name was boring, so I gave her something far more interesting. As to whether I AM the Supreme Goddess of Everything, you'd have to ask my children. They know.

Cruise Social Director came about only because I fear boredom more than just about anything else. That means if I'm coming up on a holiday or special occasion where NOTHING is planned, I'm darn well going to fill it rather than risk being stuck at home watching the paint dry. It means I never have to worry about hoping for an invite to New Years or Halloween. It's at my house, baby!

Either way, if you're looking for us on Saturday nights, we will try to fit you in....but I have a long-standing social engagement every Saturday.


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