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Monday, January 7, 2008


My oldest had a playdate last Friday. She went on the bus to a friend's house and stayed until 9 o'clock at night. It was great fun, and all were happy.

My playdates weren't always like that. I had a friend when I was in kindergarten that I liked very much. She asked if I could come and play at her house, and I asked my mother. She said yes! So the next day I told my friend I could come play, and I went home with her on the bus. We had a fabulous time. I remember building forts out of blankets in her basement.

Then my mother arrived. My mother was not happy. Apparently what I had heard as "Yes!" was actually "Someday, let me talk to her Mom first and arrange a time." When I didn't get off the bus at my house, my mother spent the afternoon trying to find me. She went to the school, she called the neighbors, she called the police, and only after hours did she think about my request the day before. I had been blissfully unaware that I had even caused a problem.

Was I in trouble? Yes, and no. My mother was too scared and panicked to not let me know well and good what I had done wrong. But she also realized that it was an honest misunderstanding. I remember feeling really bad, but don't remember any lasting punishment.

I do know that I never went to play with that friend again. I'm not sure why....


At January 17, 2008 at 8:28 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

I was first looking over your blog because you mentioned your eldest child's first playdate but your story brought back a similar story that I did as a child. I asked me dad if I could spend the night at a friends house after school on Friday and he said yes, but only if he could talk to the parents first. Low and behold, I was asking on Thursday night and did not think to get my friends phone number, I was only 9--what do you expect. Next day I secretly packed pajamas and rushed to my friend first thing to get her home phone number. I asked the secretary to use the phone to call my parents and gave him the number to see if I could spend the night. My dad said he would call and perhaps I would be able to go over later that night. In one ear, out the other.
At recess my friend and I were going over what bus she road and where we would meet after school. So yeah, I went home with the friend, whose mother was surprised to find me at their home around the same time my dad was calling their home because I had not gotten off the school bus. He was mad but relieved I was safe. Good side was I got to spend the night, bad part was I could not spend the night at anyone's house for a long time. Oh well--thanks for the trip down memory lane!


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