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Monday, September 17, 2007

My job is what?

When my youngest was very small, we were talking about who was in charge at our house. She mentioned that I was the head boss of the house, and I corrected her, saying, "No, actually DADDY is the head boss of the house." She thought about it, and said, "So Daddy is the head boss, and YOU'RE the body boss!"

That's me. Body Boss of the household. Go eat your vegetables.

Friday, September 7, 2007

What else are they for?

One afternoon, when my oldest was off at kindergarten, I received a phone call from her teacher. She told me that at recess, my daughter had taken one of the small pea gravel rocks from the playground and put it in her ear. They had tried to get the rock out, but were unable to reach it. Could I please come get her and take her to the doctor to remove it? I called the doctor's office, got in the car, and picked up my little girl.

Sure enough, there was a rock in her ear. It was flat at one end, making it difficult to grab with tweezers. Our doctor brought us right in, and was able to remove the rock with only minor difficulty. Everything was better, and there was even enough of the school day left for my daughter to return to school, and do the art project the rest of the class was working on.

Flustered by the entire experience, I asked my oldest, "WHY did you put a rock in your ear?" She simply answered, "I didn't have any pockets."

Well, of course. What else are those ears for?

"To be a person
is to have a story to tell."

- Isak Dinesen  

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