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Monday, April 30, 2007

Field Trips and Grape Soda

It is field trip season! This is the time of year when all of the classes at school end up going on field trips. My first field trip was a nature walk. It was a half hour long, and we went to a special nature trail, and had lots of different plants, animals, and other important things in nature pointed out to us. There is very little that I remember about the field trip except for the following things: First, my mother came with me, and I felt SO excited that she was there with me. Second, there was a type of grass that we saw that was sectioned- like a straw that had been cut into pieces and then shoved together again. You could pull apart all of those individual pieces and it was really fun to do. I found out later that that particular species of grass dates back to prehistoric eras, but I think I was in kindergarten and first grade and I really just enjoyed pulling the sections apart. Lastly, I had a lunch, and it was the most special lunch in the whole world because it had grape soda. I usually got a school lunch back then, and there was never ever soda. I never got soda at home either. To have a lunch sack with a whole can of soda in it just for me made me feel so special. I don't think I ever had a soda in my lunchbox ever again, but even now when I think of field trips, I think of grape soda.

Interestingly enough, I drink diet sodas which do not come in grape as far as I have found, and the last time I tasted a grape soda it was so awful I threw it away.


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