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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cow Love?

Last weekend, the entire family went to go see the latest Harry Potter movie. We had a great time, but when the movie was over, my oldest, teenaged daughter, turned to me and said, "Wow, they sure had a lot of love Quadrupeds!"

I looked at her with a great deal of confusion. Apparently in the few hours that we had been in the theater, she had learned a new form of English I didn't understand. I thought maybe I had misheard, "Huh?" I asked. She repeated her statement. The movie had a lot of "Love Quadrupeds".

I frowned at her, "Honey, the only animals in the movie were the traditional owls, a dead spider, and Hagrid's dog. The dog was the only quadruped, and I didn't see any romance for him."

It was her turn to look confused, so I explained, "A quadruped is a four-legged animal."

It took us awhile to piece together that my daughter was talking about "Love Triangles" except there were so many of them, that clearly a three-sided shape wasn't enough. These were love Quadrangles, or Quadrilaterals. Either way, I suppose I should be impressed at my daughter's vocabulary. I'm still too busy laughing about it, though.


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