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Monday, October 20, 2008

A Halloween Party to DIE for.....

One of my sister's best friends invited her to a Halloween party. Her friend, Angel, had recently married Tim, a Mortician. They lived behind a funeral home. It was Tim's job to be on call to pick up bodies. It was the perfect setting for a Halloween party.

When Janel arrived at the party, Tim was late. He'd been on call all day and had not only a pick up, but other work requirements. Everyone had arrived by the time Tim made an appearance. The party went as scheduled with food, and talking, and some games. Before long, someone mentioned that it sure would be nice to tour the funeral home as part of the Halloween party. Tim, however, shook his head, "I had a pick up today, and I can't let you near the body." People tried to convince him that maybe they could see everything BUT the room where the body was kept. At first, Tim would have nothing to do with it, but finally, he agreed.

The funeral home was dark, and everyone insisted that it stay that way. There were small security lights that allowed enough light to see. Everyone inched their way through the funeral home, looking at the coffins, at the nice parlors, and so on. Finally, in one of the back rooms, Tim stopped them, "The body is in there. I can't let you go in." That's when the phone rang. Tim had to go answer the phone, and left the entire group out in front of the "forbidden" door.

It didn't take long before someone said, "Maybe we could just stand here in the hallway and take a peek...." The door had been left partially open, so a small foot nudge gave them a look inside the dark room. It wasn't much longer before someone was daring someone else just to go in a little way. And not much longer after that before everyone was sneaking in to take a look at the body while Tim was gone.

They approached the table where the body of a young man was laid out, covered in a sheet up to his chest. Everyone was whispering, prodding each other on until they were around the table, looking at the body solemnly.

That's when the young man sat up suddenly with a shriek, arms reaching out to grab anyone close by! Everyone screamed, ran from the room, and didn't stop until they were out of the funeral home. Tim met them a short time later, laughing hysterically. He was joined not long after by the "dead" man, who turned out to be his cousin. The whole thing had been a setup from the very beginning.

Once everyone's heart rate returned to normal, they had to agree that it was the perfect Halloween prank. One my sister tells stories about to this day....


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